Stephen Lawrence Elsom was just a boy when his father, Geoff opened up his first clothing store D’Artagnan in Winchester 1969. From a very young age, Stephen helped his Dad in the shop and D’Artagnan as a men’s clothing store began to flourish. 

Over time they expanded and at one point had seven D’Artagnan stores across the south, and DArtagnan Menswear is still going strong in Chichester, now owned by Matthew Horstead. 

As Stephen grew older, retail and fashion became second nature, and so, it wasn’t long before he opened up his own fashion empire importing Levi’s over from America and owning a string of pop-up shops with his brother Danny.  In 1995, Stephen took the leap and opened up his own shop specialising in high end men’s designer wear and so Stephen Lawrence Menswear was established. 

In Stephen Lawrence Menswear, every designer brand is handpicked by Stephen himself. He has the knowledge and expertise of knowing the best labels, cuts, and quality and fit, to suit every customer whether you’re a regular customer or finding us for the first time. Old and new. 

Fashion and retail really are in his blood. This year has seen the launch of a new website and with the latest products and unique men’s fashion brands, Stephen Lawrence Menswear continues to thrive.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Stephen, pictured (left) above, with Danny and sister Lisa. Danny also has a shop in Chichester, Rosie-Rose, and Lisa owns local restaurant Purchases